The Betty Ann Robinson (B.A.R.) Foundation

Help me provide guidance, opportunity, motivation to today’s youth.

The Betty Ann Robinson Foundation is Nakia Sanford's Youth CharityThe Betty Ann Robinson Foundation was founded in memory of my late grandmother. Both she and my maternal grandmother dedicated much of their lives to teaching special needs children. One reason I chose to use my grandmother’s name instead of my own is because I did not want the foundation to be only about young athletes. I believe children who do not have athletics as an outlet get left behind too often.

That belief derived from a notion that potential doctors, lawyers, teachers, congressmen and possibly even future presidents of the United States are hindered by false conclusions that athletics and music are the only ways to escape poor conditions. My desire is for young people to see that success is more than being an entertainer or achieving celebrity status.  The B.A.R. foundation is all about helping every kid understand what real-world success looks like and how to achieve it.

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